Top 10 global news today: Xi Jinping on COVID-19, France is expected to see an increase in the number of deaths and more, World News


Coronavirus prevention and control still faces great uncertainty: President Xi

Xi’s remarks came at a time when the cabinet was planning more measures to ease the tax burden on businesses and increase support for credit.

Behind closed doors, the death toll of COVID-19 victims in France should jump

But data from the INSEE statistics office shows a national increase in home deaths. The increase is particularly pronounced in certain low-income suburbs in central Paris.

“Live and Let Die” explodes as Trump visits mask factory without wearing one

It’s still unclear whether music was the White House or Honeywell’s choice, but it didn’t appeal to many – as they called it insensitive, given the scale of the coronavirus pandemic.

The EU recovery plan will be ready in a few weeks and will be approved in June: a senior official

Gentiloni said at a press conference that the plan would include a combination of grants and long-term loans.

Not allergic to an investigation but top priority to fight and win against COVID-19: China

Several countries, including the Trump administration, Germany and Australia, have called for an investigation into the origins of the virus.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez collects votes from the Basque party for the extension of the lockout

This will be the fourth two-week extension of the lockout in Spain.

US rearms to cancel missile supremacy in China

The United States has largely resisted in recent decades, as China has dramatically increased its military firepower.

“Recession of historic proportions”: the eurozone economy should contract by 7.7%

German automaker BMW said its net profit was down in the first quarter due to the effect of the virus on most European countries on the foreclosure.

Japan Releases New Social Behavior Guidelines Angering Its People

A new recommendation made on Monday for people who eat in restaurants is to sit outside, side by side while keeping the conversation to a minimum.

Israel announces plans for thousands of new homes for West Bank settlement

The move comes after Washington expressed its willingness to support the de facto Israeli annexations.


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