Tom Brady shows that he is human as Tiger Woods carries on a trashy conversation at the Champions for Charity golf game


Sunday at the Medalist Golf Club in Florida, Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning faced Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in “The Match: Champions for Charity”. The goal was to raise more than $ 10 million for Covid-19-related causes that provide relief to front-line workers, small businesses and those who are in desperate need of food due to the pandemic.

Mother Nature did not follow the rules from the start. Torrential rain at the start of the event dampened the excitement and limited the trash talk, but to the credit of the players, time did not deter them from the job at hand. Proof that older kids don’t get older without learning to navigate adversity.

In the first 30 minutes of the show, more than $ 1.5 million in additional charitable donations had been raised.

Millions in tune hoping to enter the spirit of the illustrious quartet. Woods and Mickelson are familiar enemies, Woods ahead of his compatriot for the majority of their respective careers. Manning went 6-11 against Brady during his time in the NFL.

The quarterbacks were nervous at the start and struggled on one of the toughest courses in the country.

Woods made his red debut on Sunday at his golf course. He entered “The Match” with hundreds of innings at the private club to his credit, and his experience has shown.

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Woods and Manning read a putt on the sixth green during the match: Champions for charity at the Medalist Golf Club.

Woods’ ease was delightfully juxtaposed by the game of the greatest quarterback in American football history, Tom Brady, who quickly became the focal point of the first nine holes.

The ultra-exclusive and incredibly tough medalist made another world’s quarterback look refreshingly human as he struggled to find the fairway. Brady was the target of the joke (literally when his pants cracked behind his back) until the six-time Super Bowl winner sneaked out of the fairway onto the 7th hole Par-5 at the peak of the event.

Eli Manning joined Twitter and immediately made fun of Tom Brady

To be fair, Brady has had less time to practice his swing than Manning, who is a good friend of Woods and has played several rounds in the past.

Known for his manic preparation, Woods joked earlier in the week that Manning approached the contest as if he were playing Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots, relentlessly sending Woods different videos of his game, asking for things to work on and exercises. of the greatest golf player to make sure he was ready to go.

The homework seemed to be paying off, as Manning was masterful at par 3 with his irons and stayed constant for most of the day.

For golf enthusiasts looking for quality information, Mickelson is committed to telling the day in detail.

He used the cameras mounted on players’ personalized golf carts to his advantage – providing constant feedback and urging dialogue if necessary between competitors.

Later, Mickelson also proved to be a valuable coach for his teammate, guiding him through each putt and trying to keep his confidence while the NFL star struggled.

As expected, Charles Barkley was an asset for the broadcast, notably by provoking a trash conversation between the quartets. His natural curiosity and affable personality brought out the best in top athletes.

Mickelson and Brady on the 13th green.

“I learned something through this pandemic, we need sports, man,” Barkley told CNN last week. “Are they the most important thing in the world? Not even close. But the only thing they do, they distract you from all the other things going on in the world. “

The back nine had an alternate format and, after a good tee off on Mickelson’s 4 11 pair, Brady completed the hole with an eagle putt to put the pair back in the game.

The two men punctuated their celebration with a “high air five,” a brief but blunt reminder of why they were there in the first place – to help those most affected by the coronavirus.

“There are so many people struggling all over the world. I was born in South Africa and I am always attentive to events taking place around the world, especially in South Africa where I come from, “said 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, who was the co-analyst from Barkley.

President Trump praises live golf event and says sport's return is good for the psyche of the country

“This pandemic has been so brutal for so many people around the world. I have always been struck by the way Americans are ready to jump behind a charity. They are ready to step in and raise money for those struggling. She never ceases to amaze me how great the Americans are in this area. In the end, you raised over $ 10 million in one afternoon. “

As millions of dollars continued to flow thanks to celebrity donations and corporate contributions, the rain came halfway in the bottom nine. In an engaging twist, it seemed to add to the drama, with the competitive fire between the four superstars burning the strongest in the final holes.

Intensity resumed in the 16th par-3, with a big putt from Mickelson cutting Woods and Peyton in the lead. In the end, the event ended as many thought – with a putter in Woods’ hand on the 18th to seal the win for him and Manning.

Despite less than ideal playing conditions, the show found a way to present great trash lyrics, highlight a strong competitive edge, and raise a total of $ 20 million for charity. All things considered, the event was a rainy success.

“To know that $ 20 million has been raised is incredible,” Manning told TNT after the event. “It was an honor to be invited to this, and it is something I will always remember and cherish forever. “


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