Tom Brady set to get his own “last dance”


ESPN is ready to follow the great success of “The Last Dance” with another documentary series. The network announced on Thursday that it will focus its next adventure on legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady. The 9 episodes will focus on each of the 9 trips from the quarterback to the Super Bowl.

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Tom Brady’s documentary will premiere in 2021

The winner of the 6 × Super Bowl is ready to get their own “The Last Dance”. He announced the series on Twitter and also explained the name of the production.

Brady wrote: “I have quoted Theodore Roosevelt’s” man in the arena “speech since I saw him painted on the wall of our weight room at UM in 1995. It is a constant reminder of ignore the noise, buck my chin strap and fight against everything that comes my way. “

In a press release, Brady said: “Through the series, we define the key moments and the challenges that were seemingly insurmountable. But thanks to the hard work and persistence, they have become triumphs defining a career, both in victory and in defeat. “

Tom brady

According to Connor Schell, ESPN’s EVP content, the series has remarkable potential. It’s because Brady has been largely guarded about his career and any revelation will be massive.

“Having personal first-hand accounts and a Tom-level athlete who doesn’t often give first-hand accounts can add to a remarkable streak.

Fans would certainly agree with this statement, as Brady was the only one to bow his head and continue.

He is an example of perseverance to prove himself. The quarterback was never in the spotlight before the 2000 NFL Draft. Several teams took the opportunity before the New England Patriots signed it 199th overall in the sixth round. He was the 7th quarterback to be drafted that year.

He then had tremendous success with the team before making a shocking move south to the NFC, Tampa Bay Buccaneers side in March. This decision can be explained as the documentary will focus on the New England trip to Super Bowl LIII.

Even if it doesn’t, fans will be delighted to watch and learn about one of America’s most successful sports figures.


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