Tom Brady, Peyton Manning trash talk: a look at the shots fired by NFL stars during a golf game


Tom Brady and Peyton Manning debuted in “The Match: Champions for Charity” with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Sunday despite rainy conditions. And it didn’t take long for longtime NFL rivals to start chatting; it started on the training tee, before the match even started.

Manning first struck six-time Super Bowl champion. When asked who would have been his caddy (if they had been allowed) in the competition against Brady, the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback did not punch .

“It’s hard to reach it,” said Manning. on TNT as Brady waved. “Are you bringing Eli (Manning)?” Could do it. Do you bring Nick Foles? Perhaps. I thought maybe (Bill) Belichick. Have Bill Belichick caddy for me – and just to see how this kind of, would have worked.

“I mean, it may not have been good for me either. “

Of course, Manning went with the two quarters who managed to beat Brady in a Super Bowl. Eli Manning beat Brady twice – in Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI with the New York Giants – winning the player’s most useful player award each time. The Poles beat Brady with the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl LII, also winning MVP honors.

Brady completed 61.3% of his passes in those Super Bowl losses, throwing for 1,047 yards and six TDs in a single interception. Belichick is the only head coach Brady has played in his 20-year career before the six-time Super Bowl champion signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the off-season. Brady and Belichick went 6-3 in nine trips to the Super Bowl, with the six Super Bowls winning the most records for a coach and quarterback.

Brady didn’t take long to fight back against Manning. The Tampa Bay QB Buccaneers said that “more than a quarterback dome” from Peyton and called Manning’s comments “a blow.”

Manning spent the first 13 years of his career with the Colts, winning a Super Bowl with the team in the 2006 season. Manning made 65.2% of his passes in a dome, throwing for 24,217 yards and 193 affected for only 84 interceptions (99.1). He had 63-29 in 92 career starts against 95-41 away, throwing for 37,003 yards, 270 touchdowns for 138 interceptions (94.0), completing 64.6% of his passes away.

Brady smiled throughout the interview, especially when Manning revealed that Bucs’ tight end, Rob Gronkowski, should be his caddy.

“He would have brought Gronkowski, because Gronk does everything Tom asks him to do,” said Manning. “Gronk, go fight. Take a year off, come play Tampa with me later. Then caddy for me. “

The chatter didn’t stop throughout the afternoon, as Brady would later make fun of Manning over his Tennessee Volunteers head cover. Brady held it while Manning got ready to driveknocked him down and pretended to step on them, saying, “They haven’t been good since you left. Can you help them recruit shifts or something? “

It looks like the fire is still there between these two NFL rivals.


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