Today’s Jupiter retrograde love horoscopes for all signs of the zodiac Thursday, May 14, 2020


Jupiter rx lasts until September 12, 2020.

Your daily astrological forecasts are there with love horoscopes for you and all the signs of the zodiac for today on the first day of Jupiter retrograde on Thursday May 14, 2020.

The Sun will be in the Taurus zodiac sign until May 19. The Quarter Moon will be in Aquarius entering Pisces at 9:28 p.m. EAST.

How will today’s love horoscopes and astrological predictions affect each of the zodiac signs in relationships?

The last quarter moon marks that we are at the end of this 2020 season of Taurus.

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It’s time to wrap up all the special passion projects that you intended to complete this solar season.


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