Tinie Tempah challenges Tom Hardy to charity battle after revelation of secret combat club


Tinie Tempah challenged Tom Hardy to a charity fight after revealing that the couple were at a secret martial arts club together.

The 31-year-old rapper wants to show that he could beat 42-year-old action star Tom in a good fight, although the actor is well known for his roles as super villain.

Last month, Tinie stunned fans when he shared a photo on Instagram that showed him beating Tom on the ground in a Brazilian jujitsu class.

And now the singer – who is back with a new single called Moncler – says he would gladly challenge Tom to fight in front of members of the public – and says he is the only one to make bets.

Tinie Tempah and Tom Hardy attend the same Brazilian jujitsu class

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Tinie said, “If it was for a good cause, why not? If he’s going, I’m going. “

One’s father added, “And I have to say, I would win. I have a little girl who could read this. ”

Explaining his involvement in the martial art, Tinie said that he and Tom were part of an exclusive training group in London.

Tinie challenged Tom in a charity fight

He revealed, “We are in a class of very talented people. We do this several times a week. “

Although he also said that he was missing the sport, the course is canceled while the coronavirus is in progress.

Tinie shared a photo of himself fighting Tom on Instagram last month as inspiration for others who lacked normal activities during the lockout.

Tinie and Tom are good friends on and off the jujitsu mat

He captioned the moment: “I can’t wait to get back on the carpet. “

And added, “For everyone who’s starting to feel quarantined and can’t wait to get back to normal, have a father and stay positive. “

Fans reacted to the post in amazement that the top was a combat partner of the Hollywood actor – whom he tagged in the photo.

Tom Hardy played the villain of Batman Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

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A surprised follower on Instagram commented, “Aren’t we going to mention the fact that he trains with Tom Hardy? “

While another wrote, “Is this a scene from a movie or a movie? “

Tom played super villains on the big screen, including Batman Nemesis Bane in Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight Rises and Spider-Man, the parasitic monster Venom.


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