This is how the daily commute will be strange during a pandemic


When Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the country that people could return to work on May 13, he said they should avoid using public transportation unless it is absolutely necessary. This is a problem: although two thirds of England travel by car and 15% more travel by motorbike, bicycle and on foot, cities are a very different story.

There were 8.3 billion passenger journeys on public transport across the UK in 2018, according to the Department of Transport, which represents more than 22 million per day. More than half of Londoners commute by public transport, and although cars are more popular in other British cities, around a quarter of shuttles to Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool are by public transport. It’s a lot of people who need to find new ways to get to work. Public transportation is designed to carry masses of people, and industry insiders say it will not be possible to get public transportation to maintain social distance. It just doesn’t match.


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