Third Russian doctor “falls” from hospital window just hours after complaining of PPE shortages and forced to work


A THIRD Russian doctor dived from a hospital window after daring to complain to doctors about intolerable pressures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alexander Shulepov, 37, is fighting for his life after participating in a video in which he was told he was ordered to work despite a positive test for Covid-19.

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 Dr. Alexander Shulepov and paramedic Alexander Kosyakinm warned of shortages5
Dr. Alexander Shulepov and paramedic Alexander Kosyakinm warned of shortagesCredit: Alexander Kosyakin

Shulepov and colleagues also warned of shortages of PPE in the hard-hit city of Voronezh in southwest Russia.

Later, while lying in a coronavirus hospital bed, Shulepov made a second video to remove the allegations amid suspicion that he had been forced to do so.

On Saturday, while being treated at Novusmanskaya district hospital, the experienced ambulance doctor dived from a second-story window and suffered skull fractures and is now in serious condition.

Two senior female doctors in Russia also died recently after apparently falling from hospital windows amid reports that they challenged their superiors for lack of PPE for patients.

 Shulepov made second video to withdraw claims amid suspicion that he was pushed to do so5
Shulepov made a second video to withdraw the claims amid suspicions that he was pushed to do soCredit: Bloknot Voronezh
 Star City doctor Natalya Lebedeva died after


Star City doctor Natalya Lebedeva died after “falling out of the window” in late AprilCredit: East2west News

Shulepov was filmed with a paramedical colleague Alexander Kosyakin who – a day earlier – had been summoned by police on suspicion of spreading false news after complaining about shortages.

Their hospital chiefs said the allegations were false, but doctors believed the Shulepov infection was proof of the lack of protective equipment.

In the video, Kosyakin said, “The ambulance doctor Alexander Shulepov is next to me, he has just been confirmed Covid-19.

“The head doctor forces us to work, what do we do in this situation? We don’t leave the shift…

“Me and Alexander have been working together for a month.

 Yelena Nepomnyashchaya died after falling from 5th floor window5
Yelena Nepomnyashchaya died after falling from 5th floor windowCredit: Vestnik.icdc
 Kosyakin summoned by police suspected of spreading false news


Kosyakin summoned by police suspected of spreading false newsCredit: Alexander Kosyakin

“This is the situation. Everyone says it’s wrong (but) these are real facts for you. “

Three days later, after his hospitalization, Shulepov recorded a video claiming that his condition had improved.

“My nose is runny, otherwise everything is fine,” he said.

He said that in the previous video “we were very emotional” and that after being found positive for Covid-19, he was removed from his shift.

This raised fears that he would have to record a message from his sickbed to clean up his hospital bosses.

Hospital chief doctor Igor Potanin declined to comment.

In another case, Dr. Natalya Lebedeva, 48, dived 60 feet to his death from the sixth floor of a Moscow hospital.

Her death came after she and her colleagues were unjustly blamed for the spread of the coronavirus at her clinic in Star City, near Moscow, the cosmonaut training center.

She was also infected with Covid-19.

Dr. Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, 47, a mother of two, suffered fatal injuries after falling 60 feet from a window in her Krasnoyarsk hospital.

Colleagues said she complained of an “acute shortage” of personal protective equipment for doctors and nurses.

Russia today recorded its largest one-day increase in new cases since the start of the epidemic, with more than 10,000 people testing positive.

The biggest jump is in Moscow – where temporary hospital facilities are open – although the official death rate in Russia remains relatively low at 1280.

Russia now has 134,687 cases of coronavirus, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.

It is one of the countries with the fastest growing death rate, roughly doubling the number of deaths in the past 10 days.

Protests against blocking of coronaviruses have broken out around the world


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