There is a major error in this “High School Musical” scene between Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron


How did we all miss this?

TikTok users recently discovered scene errors that we had never noticed before, like this episode of Gossip Girl where Blake Lively wears a dress but is seen wearing sweatpants with her in the following clip.

Well, another TikTok user discovered a scene crash that crossed our heads. It’s from High School Musical:

This is the scene where Vanessa Hudgens’ character – Gabriella – freezes and does not start singing when she is on stage about to perform with Troy, who is played by Zac Efron.

As she begins to step out of the scene, Troy stops her from leaving and gives her a little boost to boost her confidence.

It works, Gabriella stays and the song starts again. It was then that TikToker @senpaisaysimmain noticed something strange. Since Gabriella is the one who was clearly supposed to start singing the song, we assume that she will sing first.

But no! Troy begins to sing.

I mean, MAYBE he’s supposed to be this way and Troy is just singing his part? IDK. It doesn’t seem to add up, because they should have changed parts during the whole song.

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