The second deadliest wave of coronavirus “will hit Europe this winter”


European countries should prepare for a second deadly wave of coronavirus infections because the pandemic is not over, said the European Union’s senior official in the World Health Organization.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Dr Hans Kluge, director of the European region of WHO, issued a stern warning to countries that are beginning to relax their lock restrictions, saying that now is the “time for preparation, not celebration ”.

Dr. Kluge pointed out that, as the number of Covid-19 cases in countries like the UK, France and Italy was starting to drop, that did not mean that the pandemic was coming to an end. The epicenter of the European epidemic is now in the east, with an increase in the number of cases in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, he warned.

Countries should use this time wisely and start strengthening public health systems as well as capacity building in hospitals, primary care and intensive care units, he said.

“Singapore and Japan understood very early on that this is not a time for celebration, it is a time for preparation. That’s what the Scandinavian countries are doing – they’re not ruling out a second wave, but they hope it will be localized and that they can jump on “quickly,” said Dr. Kluge.


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