The regional mayors of France ask the government to delay the reopening of the schools after May 11.


The mayors of the Ile-de-France region, including Paris, have called on President Emmanuel Macron to delay the reopening of schools after May 11.

In an open letter to President Macron published in the French media The gallery Sunday, the group of mayors, including Anne Hidalgo of Paris, asked that the reopening of nurseries and schools be delayed, arguing that the deadline was “untenable and unrealistic”.

The 329 signatories of the letter say they need more time “to allow the strict application of an equally strict health protocol” when France begins to gradually remove a national lock.

The mayors compared the timetable for the end of the blockade to a “forced march” carried out “even if we do not yet have all the information to prepare the population, and the directives are constantly changing”.

The government is also criticized for not consulting mayors on the best way to reintegrate students and teachers into schools.

They expressed the need to “prioritize clearly the children who can / should be able to return to school, taking into account the family context of each child”.


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