The rams are apparently a little irritated by part of the Patriots’ 2020 calendar


The NFL scheduling department will certainly not receive a thank you note from the Los Angeles Rams this year, and it is because Sean McVay’s team is apparently a little upset by the logistics surrounding the Rams game on Thursday evening against the Patriots in week 14.

According to Boston Sports Journal, the Rams are a little “irritated” to lose the advantage that usually accompanies a Thursday night game. Although the week 14 game will be played in Los Angeles, there is a good chance the Patriots will be the team that enters the game as the best rested team due to the way the schedule is set .

In week 13, the Patriots will travel to Los Angeles to face the Chargers, which means they won’t have to travel anywhere to face the Rams, as they will already be in Los Angeles. On the other hand, the Rams are scheduled to fly to Arizona during week 14, which means they have to board a plane on Sunday evening, which the Patriots will not have to do.

This planning quirk should actually be very irritating to the Rams, because whether they know it or not, they will also lose what has been perhaps the biggest advantage of traveling in the NFL in the past 15 years.

Since the return of Thursday evening Football in 2006, no team had ever traveled two or more time zones to the west and won a game on Thursday. It may sound like a strange statistic (and crazy), but the fact is that this situation has come back 11 times in the last 14 years and the Western team has NEVER LOST since it was 11-0 at a time directly and against the spread in these games. Basically, teams are already on a short week and flying 4-6 hours across the country doesn’t help things, which is why it can be a huge inconvenience for an Eastern team to fly two or more time zones timetables to the west for a Thursday match. The Rams are now losing this advantage.

While this may seem a little suspicious to all conspiracy theorists who believe that New England still gets the most NFL breaks, the Patriots aren’t the only team this year playing consecutive games on the ‘one of the ribs so they can reduce their journey. Chargers (in Bucs, Saints), Jets (in Seahawks, Rams), Dolphins (in 49ers, Broncos), Cardinals (in Panthers, Jets) and Raiders (in Falcons, Jets) can also do this. Oh, just like the RAMS, who have a week 2 trip to Philadelphia before going to Buffalo for a week 3 game.

The Patriots are also not the only team that will play in the same stadium for consecutive weeks. The 49ers will play at MetLife Stadium in weeks 3 and 4 to face the Jets and Giants. In addition, the Patriots’ trip to L.A. is part of a three-game road trip that will see them go from November 30 to December 27 without playing at Gillette Stadium.

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