The quarantine of France will not apply to the British after a diplomatic reversal


At the end of a weekend in which it appeared that all hope of a July holiday in France had disappeared for British travelers, British visitors have now been informed that they will escape 14 days of quarantine at the arrival.

On Saturday, the Paris government released proposals that appeared to require anyone arriving in France until July 24, 2020 to be held in quarantine for two weeks.

Indeed, arriving travelers will be assumed to be positive for coronavirus. The national assembly is due to vote soon on the measures.

France attracts more international tourists than any other country, but a universal quarantine rule would eliminate almost all travel until the end of July.

Sunday evening, however, the French consulate tweeted: “People entering French territory from European countries (EU / Schengen and United Kingdom) will not be affected by the quarantine measure announced in France, the terms of which will be specified shortly.”

The response was a mixture of alarm, relief and contempt.

“Bloody hell 24 hours of stress for that?” It’s Trump-style communication, “was a tweet in response.

Some respondents said that the quarantine exemption seemed illogical as the highest concentrations of Covid-19 are found in Schengen and the United Kingdom.

Wilfrid Locatelli wrote: “Another nonsense of our government; how to put the health of the French in danger by European dogmatism?

“We have to save our nation and stop doing geopolitics.”

MattBatt69 speculated that travelers outside the EU / Schengen / UK region use relaxation to get around quarantine: “So if we want to avoid confinement, can we fly to London and take the Eurostar, infecting a lot of people? “

Many respondents said they were relieved to be able to visit their loved ones without mandatory quarantine. Others were delighted with the prospect of a summer vacation in France.

For most of the weekend, it seemed like all vacations planned for France due to a departure until July 24 should be canceled.

“Great news! Can we now book our holidays in France in July or August? ” asked Sandrine Lombardo.

But before tourists can travel to France, the country’s strict lockdown measures should be relaxed considerably. Only essential travel is currently allowed.

Other countries in the European Union have imposed compulsory quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days on all arrivals.


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