The pictures show how many people were on the roads on this holiday


Locking-out fatigue may be driving more traffic in the past week, but the number of motorists fortunately seems to have been relatively small.

The pictures showing busy roads like the M5, the A38 and the Tamar Bridge are all fairly calm.

It’s despite the sunny weather in the southwest on a holiday Friday to celebrate VE Day.

A study by the RAC suggested that there was an 11 percent increase in traffic volume on UK roads over the past week compared to the second week of the coronavirus shutdown.

The figure is based on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of trips made by insurance customers with telematics units mounted on their vehicles.

There was also an 18% increase in emergency calls.

“There is now more and more evidence that people are venturing into their vehicles,” said RAC traffic policy official Nicholas Lyes, who accused him of “locking fatigue”.

“Also, some of the people inside may have chosen to do housekeeping and DIY, so they took the opportunity to visit DIY stores that are now open. “

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Simon Breakwell, head of the AA, said there were “many more cars” on the road than a few weeks ago.

Most calls are due to dead batteries because people have not driven their cars enough to maintain the charge.

Some 41% of the 1,500 British drivers surveyed by the RAC admitted to using their vehicle more frequently than before when locking.

The most common reason was shopping for food (23%), while 9% said they drive to get essential supplies or go to a pharmacy.

About five percent reported using their vehicle to buy alcohol, and the same proportion went to DIY stores.


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