The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United Kingdom increases by 170 while the total number of deaths reaches 34,636


The number of people who died from coronaviruses in the UK has increased by 170, with the total number of virus-related deaths exceeding 34,600, according to the Department of Health.

This brings the total number of Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes, community and hospitals to 34,636 at 5 p.m. Saturday.

In the 24-hour period until 9:00 am Sunday, 91,206 tests were performed, of which 3,142 were positive.

A total of 243,303 people tested positive for the virus in the UK out of a total of 2,580,769 tests.

Figures for cases in Northern Ireland have not been included for technical reasons.

UK coronavirus death toll rises to 34,636 (PA)

Government figures differ from hospital figures released earlier today by individual decentralized authorities.

NHS England said 90 more people died in hospitals after contracting the virus, bringing the total in England to 24,617.

Of the deaths announced in England today, 33 occurred Saturday, 46 Friday and the other 11 occurred earlier this week.

The number of coronavirus deaths in Scotland has increased by nine, according to Scottish government statistics. The number of deaths in Scotland has reached 2,103.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Scotland increased from 90 to 14,537.

The number of people who died after contracting a coronavirus in Northern Ireland rose to 476 after the Ministry of Health reported three more deaths.

In Wales, another 12 people died after catching a coronavirus. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country has risen to 1,203. Confirmed cases of the virus have reached 12,304 after another 162 people tested positive.

Dr. Robin Howe of Public Health Wales said: “Public Health Wales welcomes the Minister of Health’s announcement yesterday of the extension of coronavirus testing to all residents and staff in nursing homes .

“In conjunction with the Welsh government’s test, trace, protect strategy released last week, Public Health Wales will continue to work in partnership with our communities, the Welsh government, the wider NHS and local government in Wales to focus on protecting the health of Wales as we support the implementation of the strategy. “

The figures announced by the decentralized authorities may include deaths that occurred several days or even weeks ago. This is due to the time it takes for the deaths to be confirmed as positive for Covid-19, for the post mortem exams to be processed and for the test data to be validated.


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