The NHL and the AJLNH are working on a playoff configuration based on a conference of 24 teams


As the Return to Play committee continues to negotiate various NHL playoff scenarios, several sources indicate that the NHL and the NHLPA are working on a playoff setup based on a 24-team conference.

Let’s be clear: nothing is set in stone. Teams and players have yet to approve it, but discussions on the proposal could start as early as Thursday.

The top four seeders (based on percentage points) in the East would be Boston, Tampa Bay, Washington and Philadelphia. The top four in the West would be St. Louis, Colorado, Vegas and Dallas.

They would receive game passes, but participate in a three-game tournament to get action. I admit that I’m not sure of all the details on whether or how it would affect the playoff rankings.

The rest of the playoffs would be “in brackets”. This means that in the two conferences 5 against 12 (the winner plays four seeds), 6 against 11 (the winner plays three heads), 7 against 10 (the winner plays two heads) and 8 against 9 ( the winner plays a seed).

Again, it depends on the approval of both teams and players – which could happen in the coming days.


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