The new picture of Avatar 2 has the casting floating in a pool filled with balls


While Avatar 2 won’t hit theaters until December 17, 2021, we’re taking a closer look at the shooting process in the meantime. the official Twitter account for the film franchise revealed photos of the filming process, and a new one arrived.

Recently, some photos of the shooting have been published showing the swimming pool where the shooting was taking place. Now the cast hangs out in the pool, filming underwater footage. Check out the photo below.

As the Avatar account previously explained, the balls in the pool prevent light from interfering with the filming underwater. In the pool is Zoe Saldana, resuming her role as Neytiri; Sam Worthington, resuming his role as Jake Sully; Kate Winslet, playing Ronal; and Cliff Curtis, playing Tonowari.

In addition to the actors in the photo, Avatar 2 will also star Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh and Jemaine Clement. Filming for live-action games of Avatar 2 completed in November.

In addition to the photos on set, a concept art for the world of Pandora has also been published. The 2021 film is not the only one planned. There are three more Avatar films slated for 2023, 2025 and 2027. However, whether or not the last two films are released depends on the box office performance of the first sequel.


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