The New Mutants has a new release date for August 2020


The new mutants, a film that never seems to be released, has a new release date: August 28.

As Mulan and Black Widow, The new mutants has been delayed due to the global pandemic, which has closed cinemas around the world. Disney announced in a previous press release that Mulan and Black Widow would switch to their new release dates, July 24 and November 6 respectively, but did not mention The new mutants at the time. Fans have started to speculate that The new mutants could become a Disney Plus or a Hulu exclusive, since Disney has both streaming and The new mutants is now a Disney title following the acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Disney has already moved some of its theatrical releases, such as Artemis Fowl and Hamilton, now a premiere on Disney Plus exclusively.

Described as “an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is detained for psychiatric surveillance”, The new mutants is a movie that fans have been waiting for years. Fox first planned to develop the film in 2015, with the project in production in 2016. Filming ended in September 2017, and then problems started. In January 2018, Fox extended the release date to February 2019, which allowed Deadpool 2 to run another Marvel movie at Fox without a doubt. Months later, The new mutants faced similar problems and was delayed again to ensure that Dark phoenix, another X-Men movie, would have no competition.

Now, however, it seems The new mutants will finally have its day. In other words, if Disney thinks that the theaters will be operational again. Right now, studios are trying to determine the best time to start releasing their films, watching states in the country start reopening or new lock restrictions. Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan Principle is widely regarded as the litmus test for studios in the future.

According to what’s going on by then, The new mutants could be one of the first movies to hit theaters and, in a breathtaking turn of events, could be one of the biggest summer movies of 2020.


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