The most fragrant cities in France


Ready nostrils: Nantes is about to bottle its own perfume. Image © Shutterstock

Take a fragrant tour of France at these five spots


Nantes is preparing to acquire its own signature perfume in 2020. In order to capture the unique essence of the city, three professional “noses” will test their olfactory muscles by creating their own spin on an urban-inspired perfume , before asking the audience to choose their favorite. “A city is like a person,” said Jean Blaise, director of Voyage à Nantes and the brain behind the project. “Like a person, he lives, sleeps, is agitated, is disturbed and arouses curiosity. This is why, in my opinion, a city can also have a scent. ” The definition perfume will be announced in August, produced in Grasse and officially sold in November. Until then, we can only guess what wild and wonderful smells we have in store for the coming year …

Grasse, France
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Known unequivocally as the “world capital of perfume”, Grasse has a history of perfume that dates back to the 18th century. Join a course at the Perfume Institute

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Take a whiff of the signature flower of Provence in this charming town of Vaucluse. Why not take a gastronomic tour or join a “five senses” workshop at the Lavender Museum?

Marseille, Alvaro soap
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The world famous Marseille soap is technically unscented, but thanks to 72% olive oil in its DNA, it has a distinct and rather pleasant aroma. Indulge your senses at the museum

Image © Vincent des Jardins


Cradle of Europe’s oldest Christmas market, Strasbourg is a wonderful country with sweet and spicy Christmas smells: cinnamon, mulled wine and bredele cookies among them.

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