The modified Cessna is the “largest” electric plane to take off


Electric planes are getting closer and closer to becoming a practical reality for travel. Magnix and AeroTEC flew what they claim to be the largest all-electric aircraft in the world. Their modified Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, the “eCaravan”, flew for 30 minutes around Washington State’s Grand County International Airport using Magnix’s 750 hp Magni500 engine instead of the regular turboprop. The flight was “perfect,” said Magnix chief Roei Ganzarski in a statement to FlightGlobal.

There are compromises. Batteries consume a lot of space and weight, and the current eCaravan can only carry four to five passengers (instead of 14) over a distance of 100 miles. Magnix and AeroTEC hope to be able to carry nine people 100 miles after the technology has advanced, but that will not happen until the expected certification of the original aircraft in 2021.


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