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Battlestar Galactica star and Star Wars veteran Katee Sackhoff joins The Mandalorian season 2. We have learned exclusively that Sackhoff will play a live-action version of Bo-Katan Kryze, a Mandalorian warrior that she had already expressed in the animated series by Dave Filoni Star Wars: The Clone Wars and then Star wars rebels.

Although representatives from Lucasfilm and Sackhoff declined to comment, we have confirmed this story with several sources. She filmed her role in February before Hollywood production closed due to the global coronavirus pandemic.
Sackhoff has had a career playing complex, tough science fiction women recently featured in Netflix’s science fiction drama series Another life. The Mandalorian season 2 finished main photography in March and post-production is done remotely, so new episodes will still hit Disney + in October 2020.

Bo-Katan appeared for the first time in season 4 of the Star Wars animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The character was a Mandalorian warrior – a lieutenant in the radical dissident group Death Watch, deputy commander of the group’s chief, Pre Vizsla. When Maul took possession of the Darksaber, executed Vizla and took the throne of Mandalore, Bo-Katan refused to accept the stranger as his new chief. She was instrumental in recruiting Jedi and the Republic to besiege Mandalore and oust Maul. Later in Star wars rebels, Sabine Wren chose to pass the infamous weapon to Bo-Katan, believing that it could unite the Mandalorian clans.

If you don’t know the animated series, it all comes down to this: Bo-Katan was an instrumental Mandalorian chief who once wielded the Darksaber, a weapon that villain Moff Gideon now controls, as seen in the finale of the first season of The Mandalorian.

Why Bo-Katan can be important for the Mandalorian

How did Bo-Katan lose the Darksaber? How did Moff Gideon take possession of it? These stories remain to be told. We don’t know much about the “Mandalore Purge” and the “Night of a Thousand Tears,” but you can easily see why fans have speculated that Kryze might appear in The Mandalorian. There is a lot of Mandalorian history missing in the stream Star Wars canon, and maybe Bo-Katan’s live appearance would fill those gaps.
DiscussingFilm even asked Sackhoff about the possibility earlier this year, to which she replied, “I mean, who wouldn’t!” … There are people who are going to draw conclusions that Bo is going to be The Mandalorian because on paper it makes sense. But you know, we’ll just have to wait and see and cross all my fingers and toes. We never know. “

We only know that Bo-Katan appears in the next season, we don’t know how she appears. Bo-Katan’s involvement may be limited to flashbacks. Since Gideon has the black saber, it means that he would have taken him to her in a battle at some point. Bo-Katan may have died in this battle, and we were able to see him on screen in a flashback The Mandalorian season 2.

The Filoni legacy

Dave Filoni likes to tie the ends of his previous shows, bringing back characters to end their journeys in his new adventures. We saw it with Ahsoka and Rex in Star wars rebels, and we have already confirmed that the Mandalorian Season 2 will have the first live appearance of Ahsoka (the last Mandalorian scoop we broke), perhaps to help launch a spinoff series that paid for tease at the end of Star wars rebels.

Last week it was announced that Temuera Morrison will play Boba Fett in the coming season, but that also opens the door for him to be captain of the Rex, as they are both clones of Jango Fett. Although I didn’t hear anything concrete, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a live version of Sabine Wren appear in the series given her Mandalorian past, her relationship with the Darksaber and the fact that she teamed up with Ahsoka on the quest to find Ezra Bridger, who is believed to be the driving force behind a live-action Ahsoka series.

The creators at the center of it all have long-standing ties. Jon Favreau series showrunner was a fan of Battlestar Galactica, notably inspired by space combat in the television series Syfy during the production Iron Man. Favreau also voiced Pre Vizsla in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the character who directed Death Watch and commanded Bo-Katan. This series was created by Dave Filoni, who also serves as a writer, director and executive producer on The Mandalorian.

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