The favorite of the wolves hovers over the plans to restart the project “nonsense”


Former Wolves star Nathan Blake criticized plans to resume the football season, calling them “crazy.”

The majority of Premier League players returned to training this week after an extensive testing program.

But some, like Watford captain Troy Deeney, refused to return, citing the health of their family members as their primary concern.

N’Golo Kante stayed away from Chelsea’s return and Danny Rose of Newcastle criticized the plan.

And in an interview with BBC Radio Wales Breakfast, Blake, who was in Molineux between 2001-2004, said that he would not come back if he played again.

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“Hell no, no way, no chance. I would not put myself in danger. And I wouldn’t expect fans to put themselves in danger and watch a game.

“It’s entertainment at the end of the day and all that” the show has to go on “and all that nonsense – it’s easy to say, it’s a little different in reality though.

“So, to me, black people are clearly affected in a different way from whites or our white counterparts.

“I wouldn’t think about it [returning] at all.

“I would expect someone to come see me and guarantee my safety and we are not there yet.

“You have a situation where it is literally life or death for many people; a lot of people were touched by what happened.

“I think it’s really crazy (to consider going back to football).

“People are afraid of their minds. I’ve heard of people who have been fined and what you have to do to get out [in Wales] and at the same time, you ask the professional footballers to come back to the action as if all is well.

“So for me personally I understand perfectly why people are reluctant to come back.

“I just think you are asking for too much.” I think you have to get to a position where you have the situation in all the UK countries under control and then you can start moving forward when people’s stress is a bit alleviated.

“It’s not about whether you have money or not or whether you are a football or sports fan or not; like i said, it’s all about life and death and i don’t see why you should ask someone to play and go back to training until you know for sure that this virus is not contracted by people and that it is not spread to other people. ”


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