The fan app could send cheers or hoots from the couches to the stadiums


Premier League clubs could offer an app to fans who would send virtual cheers or hoots from their homes to stadiums in less than a second, with the aim of creating an atmosphere for in camera matches.

Sportsmail learned that Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal had talks this week with a German tech company that has developed an app that will give fans four choices for generating noise when playing in empty fields.

The app also gives clubs the ability to use different sound levels for home and away supporters, which could reduce some of the objections to the conclusion of the Premier League campaign on neutral sites by keeping a semblance more at home.

New fan app could create atmosphere of empty stadium match

New fan app could create atmosphere of empty stadium match

Premier League matches will take place behind closed doors for now

Premier League matches under Project Restart for now

The myapplause app has been tested by two Bundesliga clubs for use on the field if high-level German flight resumes later this month, and Munich-based Hacker-Munich is keen to roll out the technology in the Premier League.

Clubs would be offered the use of the app for free with a potential share of the revenue collected in the future, and fans should be charged £ 1 for the initial download at no additional cost for its use.

Fans accessing the app are invited to select the game they want to watch and the team they support.

Once the match has started, users are offered four options if they want to engage in the action – clap, clap, sing and whistle / mock – which will be played in the stadium almost immediately and broadcast on TV.

Jurgen Kreuz of hack-CARE told Sportsmail that the app has the capacity to accommodate a million fans with delay in transmitting sound at stages of one tenth of a second.

Clubs would be able to mix different sound levels for home and away fans in stadiums, which would help to restore an element of the home advantage lost by hosting all matches in stadiums neutral.

The technology also allows clubs to broadcast different sounds to different areas of the stadium, so something from a far end could be retained if adopted.

The hack-CARE company has not yet presented its product to the Premier League as a whole and hopes to spark the interest of the biggest clubs first.

There was a concern that playing games without a crowd would also ruin television

There was a concern that playing games without a crowd would also ruin television

They have two business models, one based on the application adopted by the entire league and broadcasters, and the other by which they enter into separate agreements with individual clubs.

Even if the Premier League is reluctant to use the app, clubs could still offer it to their own supporters, pushing it as a way to connect with each other and feel part of the match day experience by case of return of the match program later. this summer.

Sky Sports and BT Sport have had discussions on the use of false crowd noise when broadcasting closed-door matches and the myapplause app would provide this greater authenticity. As Sportsmail revealed last month, Sky plans to make artificial crowd noise available on their red button cover, with action on their main channel taking place in virtual silence.


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