The Dordogne region of France is seeing new cases of coronavirus suspected of being linked to a group that attended a funeral.


The Dordogne region of France is seeing new cases of coronaviruses which are said to be linked to a group which attended a funeral.

SEVERAL new cases of deadly Coronavirus have been detected in the Dordogne region of France which have been linked to a large gathering after a funeral service.

Authorities suspect the virus has spread after dozens of people attended a wake-up call after the funeral, which is contrary to lockdown restrictions.

Sources say the service was attended by 20 people, the maximum allowed under current restrictions, but a wake at the family home after the service “was attended by dozens of people.”

The cases emerged after a person in Dordogne tested positive for the virus on April 30 in the small village of Vegt. The health authorities followed the movements of the patients and the people with whom they had been in contact. It appeared during their investigation that the patient attended the funeral and the meeting in the village in late April.

After testing more than 100 people, authorities have found eight other confirmed cases of the virus. Each of those who tested positive had no symptoms of the virus and none were considered to be in serious condition.

The Dordogne region, like much of southwestern France, has been largely free from the pandemic. Authorities in the region continue to find anyone who may have been in contact with infected people.


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