The daily assessment of coronaviruses increases again in France


PARIS – The number of people who died from coronavirus infection in France rose from 243 to 26,230 on Friday, a daily toll higher than the previous day, down from 178.

The Department of Health said in a statement that the number of people in intensive care units – a key measure of a health system’s ability to cope with the epidemic – had dropped 93 or 3% to at 2,868, which is well below half of the peak of 7,148 observed in April. 8.

The number of people hospitalized with a coronavirus also fell to 22,724 from 23,208, continuing an uninterrupted fall of three weeks and a drop of 30% from the peak of 32,292 recorded on April 14.

France will begin lifting its almost two-month-old national lockdown from Monday.

(Report by Sybille from La Hamaide; Editing by Chris Reese)


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