The coronavirus said “you can’t”, so an SF couple said “I do” in the shadow of Chase


Love in the time of coronaviruses requires innovation. Patience and perspective. Flexibility and creativity.

All the things that make a good marriage.

So when Lindsay Hirsch and Dustin Schneider realized that their marriage plans were disrupted by the pandemic, they turned.

The San Francisco couple live a short distance from two beautiful, currently unused sites: Oracle Park and Chase Center. When their planned wedding at Disney World in Orlando was clearly impossible, they became creative.

“We thought, let’s get married here and celebrate the city we love,” said Dustin.

The pivot, of course, took them to basketball. Towards the Chase Center. They had attended a few events, loved the energy it brought to their neighborhood. They contacted Chronicle Warriors to beat writer Connor Letourneau, who put them in touch with Warriors’ senior vice-president of communications, Raymond Ridder, and the wheels were set in motion.

Thus, on a glorious Saturday morning in San Francisco, in the square outside the new arena, Dustin and Lindsay became husband and wife, with Warriors recruit Jordan Poole as a witness.

“I couldn’t say no to that,” said Poole, who immediately agreed to be a witness when asked.

Lindsay Schneider watches Golden State Warriors rookie Jordan Poole help her husband Dustin in his Warriors jersey during their wedding at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Rebeca Delgadillo (CQ'D) has officiated ceremony. The couple was to be married on May 23 in Orlando (big Disney fans). Because of the coronavirus, these plans were abandoned, so they approached the Warriors to get married outside of Chase. The Warriors said yes.

He wore a mask, a Warriors jersey which indicated Schneider above the date 5-23 and presented the couple with their rings.

“It’s pretty stupid,” said Poole, noting that it was cool that Dustin graduated from Michigan, where Poole played ball.

When the couple were pronounced husband and wife, with family and friends watching virtually on Facebook Live, the large giant screen outside of Chase lit up with fireworks and words of congratulations.

“It exceeded my expectations,” said Dustin.

The couple met on the dating site, the League. Dustin, from New York, works for Facebook. Lindsay, who studied Chinese and international marketing, has been traveling and working overseas for a few years, but plans to move to San Francisco in early 2019. The couple spent hours on the phone getting to know each other before Lindsay moved. When they were finally in the same place, they arranged to meet in Alamo Square. When they spotted each other, Lindsay jumped into Dustin’s arms and kissed him.

“We were inseparable from that point on,” said Dustin.

They both knew what they wanted. Lindsay had lost her father, making him painfully aware of what is important in life. Dustin had already experienced marriage and a divorce. As Lindsay, 31, said in her vows to Dustin, 37, “You are my person, let’s do it. “

Lindsay and Dustin Schneider celebrate after their wedding at the Chase Center. The recruit of warriors Jordan Poole was their witness and Rebeca Delgadillo the official of a ceremony which was to be held at Disney World.

In December, they got engaged to the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio. Lindsay comes from what Dustin calls a “Disney family,” visiting the parks regularly. The proposal combined this love with an iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, symbol of their new home.

Lindsay’s family was planning a trip to Disney World in May. The couple, who did not want long engagements and wanting to start a family, decided to turn this family trip into a chance for an intimate marriage. They had watches engraved with their wedding date 5-23, napkins printed with them. They were ready to go.

But in March, the park, with lots of life, closed its doors. It’s time to pivot.

Getting a marriage license was difficult. The couple were ready to fill up the car and go to the only employee office they could find open, in Orange County, when their officiant Rebeca Delgadillo learned that Alameda County was open. . She helped them with their papers and 5-23 became a reality.

Lindsay was given a dress by Kinsley James (borrowed), got a spray tan from Get into the Limelight (new), was offered a bouquet of flowers by Rae and Rose (with a little blue) and put on a watch from his (old) father. She in her high heels and veil, and Dustin in her tuxedo, walked the five blocks to Chase Center, hearing the cars honking their horns and passersby cheering as they went.

Dustin Schneider, center, watches Golden State Warriors recruit Jordan Poole sign his autograph in Dustin's greeting book as his wife Lindsay signs marriage documents at their wedding at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, Saturday May 23. 2020. Rebeca Delgadillo (CQ'D) presided over the ceremony. The couple was to be married on May 23 in Orlando (big Disney fans). Because of the coronavirus, these plans were abandoned, so they approached the Warriors to get married outside of Chase. The Warriors said yes.

They weren’t wearing masks for the ceremony, but Delgadillo had – covered with hearts. She spoke of marriage as “an act of total faith, especially in times of uncertainty.” Dustin’s wishes noted that life may not be easy, but that they would do it “side by side.” Lindsay said, “I found my house when I found you.”

When the ceremony, with the handful of participants (a few photographers, reporters and employees of the team), ended and the virtual fireworks started, the couple kissed. And then put on personalized Warriors jerseys.

“It really made us appreciate what we have,” said Lindsay.

They hope to go on a honeymoon someday in Peru but are not sure they can do it. They’ll arrive at Disney World someday, although the NBA can beat them there, if the league implements a plan to hold playoffs at the complex. There are many questions.


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