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Producers Study How Actors And Team Can Get Back On The Cobblestone

Coronation Street characters will see life during the coronavirus pandemic in storylines when filming resumes, said producer.

But the crisis will not “dominate every story,” promised Iain MacLeod.

The ITV soap opera has stopped filming and plans to return when the actual restrictions begin to be lifted.

MacLeod said he had decided that the virus “should exist in our world”, but that the problem would be “treated with a light touch”.

He didn’t say if characters would catch the virus, but its impact will be visible through things like handwashing protocols and take-out food outlets.

MacLeod said he and his team “had a lot of discussion” about whether to bring the coronavirus to the cobblestones, or whether Weatherfield “would exist in a parallel universe where everything would go pre-pandemic.”

Not a “fantastic land”

“The Rue du Coronnement we like is the one that reflects modern Britain, albeit sometimes in a more pronounced way,” he said.

“And he just felt that if there was no coronavirus in Coronation Street, it would cease to be a reflection of modern Britain and rather be a land of parallel fantasy. So we considered that it should exist in our world. “

“However, I am also aware that people also connect to Coronation Street to get away to some extent, and to see dramas and stories that they would never have normally experienced in their own lives, and things that they would never have normally seen in their own lives. the salons were played on the screen.

“So even though the virus will exist in Coronation Street, we also wanted it not to dominate every story and every scene.

“Coronavirus is pretty much the only topic of conversation in my house, but people wouldn’t want to plug into Coronation Street and see that every scene was people talking about coronavirus.

“It will be there, it will be handled with a light touch, but other than that, our narration will be as usual. “

The soap operas reduced the number of episodes aired in order to avoid losing air.

MacLeod’s comments come a week after ITV director Kevin Lygo said the soap operas were hoping to resume filming – but with restrictions.

“They are inventive and creative in rearranging the scenarios,” he said. “I think we have to accept that there won’t be more than two people talking in a room and looking for ways to shoot where people don’t seem to be within 6 feet of each other. “

Filming will only start “when we are sure it is safe,” he added.

“Some people who are in a danger zone, by age or for health reasons, will not be there, I am sure, for a while.

“I don’t want Ken Barlow [played by William Roache, 88] to get sick on my watch. ”

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