The coronavirus gets a promising drug. The MAGA world doesn’t buy it.


The connection of Remdesivir to a pharmaceutical company also raises the suspicion that business leaders are trying to reap huge profits from the coronavirus. Hydroxychloroquine, on the other hand, is already widely available in generic form.

These factors were enough to extinguish people who used hydroxychloroquine as a political rallying cry, said David Rapp, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University, who studies how misinformation shapes beliefs and memory.

Hydroxychloroquine boosters, he said, “might find the alternative idea not to be pure, in the sense that it did not come from Trump. It comes from other sources they may not trust. “

MAGA base’s suspicion of remdesivir began shortly after Fauci announced the results of a government-sponsored clinical trial on Wednesday that found the drug shortened recovery time for patients with coronavirus, calling it a “clear and positive” development in the fight against the coronavirus. Fauci also clarified that this is a first step; more research is needed on this and other potential treatments.

That night Ingraham spent part of his show that night talking on behalf of hydroxychloroquine. Ingraham first suggested that remdesivir could be dangerous, urging restraint until government regulators like the Food and Drug Administration can thoroughly review the treatment.

“It has not been approved by the FDA,” she said. “They could do emergency clearance. Hydroxychloroquine was approved decades ago. “

The FDA – which Fauci does not lead – has in fact evolved rapidly. Friday it Posted emergency use authorization to help patients gain faster access to remdesivir, the first promising antiviral against Covid-19 infection.

Ingraham added that remdesivir, as a new drug, could be costly, while “hydroxychloroquine is obviously inexpensive and already readily available.” She then removed a doctor who defended hydroxychloroquine as “safe” and expressed concern that remdesivir, originally developed to fight Ebola, could be dangerous.

Early proponents of hydroxychloroquine also responded to concerns about remdesivir after Fauci’s announcement. James Todaro, a bitcoin investor who tinkered with a Google document describing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronaviruses, which was widely circulated in conservative circles and caught the eye of Fox News, Noted that several members of the government panel making treatment recommendations for the coronavirus were affiliated with Gilead.


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