The Big Ask: Premier League club fans speak out on Project Restart


We asked a supporter from each Premier League club
to answer the following questions …

  1. What do you think of in camera matches, without the possibility of seeing your team “live” until 2021?
  2. If you’re not going to a game, how do you look at your team? At home, at the pub or during the highlights of the day’s match?
  3. Would you still be tempted to travel on neutral ground to cheer on your away team?
  4. Do you think Project Restart is fair, or should the Premier League end now like the other leagues in Europe?
  5. “No relegation” from the Premier League would be the right decision this season, if the matches are played on neutral ground?

Here’s what they told us …

Arsenal fan John Williamson believes Liverpool should receive the Premier League title now


John Williamson, 60, fan for 51 years

  1. It’s a terrible idea – not being able to watch my team play at the stadium would not be the same. What would be the motivation of the teams? A bad show for the English game.
  2. I go to all the games, both at home and away.
  3. If the country is locked out, then no, I would not add pressure to the emergency services. If it wasn’t locked, then maybe there’s a pub nearby to watch the game.
  4. I think it’s fair that we explore different ideas and put plans in place. There is no perfect solution. Personally, I would end the season now, give the title to Liverpool, then aim for the “average points per game” or make it “null and void” from 2020/21 as we start 2019/20.

  5. I think this is the right decision. By playing on neutral fields, the teams would have a “home advantage” and the integrity of the league would be in question.


Lee Lindsay, 38, fan for 30 years

Aston Villa is currently in second position and facing the prospect of relegation

  1. No one wants to miss games, but I think fans will just agree to show all the games on TV.
  2. At home or in a bar.
  3. No chance.
  4. It is fair to continue, if they can prove that they can deliver it safely. We have time to copy other major European countries.
  5. Yes. You start the season with 19 home games and 19 away games, and the teams are targeting certain games, especially as promoted teams. If circumstances and planning are interrupted, the strategy is compromised and jeopardizes all the hard work undertaken.


Mark Dean, 51, fan for 44 years

Bournemouth also has the spectrum of gout looming over them

  1. It’s an unnecessary exercise, especially if television will add “canned laughter”. It’s not real professional football.
  2. Usually at home.
  3. No.
  4. It’s even wrong to discuss it yet, with death rates so high and tests being the mess it still is.
  5. Restarting under different conditions from the previous part of the season makes it a different competition, so how can there be relegation? It also undermines competition by changing rules and schedules. It’s not the goal of football.


Kay Townsend, 47, fan for 33 years

Brighton fan Kay Townsend called for no relegation if matches are played on neutral grounds

  1. I am not totally against it, because it would be nice to find football, even on TV. However, I do not agree that this should happen until it is 100% safe for players, staff, TV crews, etc.
  2. If I’m not at a game, I will watch in a pub (if televised). If we win, I will also watch MotD!
  3. No! Overcome the interest of playing behind closed doors.
  4. Originally, I thought yes, but I don’t think any of the scenarios suggested so far will work. I think of Liverpool, but I think it is better to end it and start planning for the 2020/21 season.
  5. I don’t think you can get an advantage at home for such big games. So I agree with NO relegation.


Peter Baron, 68, fan for 60 years

Burnley fan Peter Baron said Leeds and West Brom fans would not be happy if they were turned down

  1. Better behind closed doors than not at all, because not playing again leaves so much unfinished business regarding promotion and relegation.
  2. I come home and go away every week, Sky Sports on a strange occasion, I can’t do it.
  3. No, I really don’t see the point. The team wouldn’t know you were there and that would only cause more trouble for the authorities.
  4. I think it is. I think they should try to finish it.
  5. If you don’t relegate the Premier League teams, Leeds and West Brom will be badly injured.


Ollie Moore, 35, fan for 35 years

Chelsea supporter Ollie Moore says season is already over

  1. It’s okay as long as the season is over. Although, to be fair, I’m not that embarrassed.
  2. At home.
  3. No.
  4. I think it should end now. I feel like it’s already over. The momentum has disappeared since the season – I don’t think it’s fair that the results from the start of the season are in the same box as the results in a completely different environment.
  5. Not if they are played behind closed doors. If you’ve played the games then, even if it’s unfair, the last three should go down.


Alan Palmer, 60, fan for 60 years

Crystal Palace fan Alan Palmer thinks season should be over now

  1. It looks like we will have to live with it, until “science” changes politics.
  2. Combination of the three.
  3. Absolutely not. I wouldn’t go to Selhurst Park if I couldn’t get in.

  4. I strongly support the end of the season. However, and this brings me to the next question, I’m not a fan of the idea of ​​playing matches on neutral ground.
  5. Clubs opposing neutral sites have strong arguments to challenge it, particularly if their Premier League status is threatened. Likewise, if the season ended now, the bottom three would rightly protest. Therefore, in my view, “no relegation” would be justified even if it creates a new set of problems.


Barry Cass, 48, supporter for 40 years

Everton fan Barry Cass said football should not resume until September

  1. This is not an ideal situation, but saving lives and protecting people must be of paramount importance. Therefore, behind closed doors matches are the worst scenario for seeing football.
  2. I watch them on TV.
  3. No, I would not be tempted at all.

  4. They should have waited until September like France, but I understand the economic reasoning behind the clubs who want to return. However, it should be as safe as possible.
  5. I don’t see how they cannot relegate the teams, but award the European title and places? It doesn’t seem right.


Kieran King, 20, fan for 12 years

Leicester have had a fantastic season and are on their way to a place in the Champions League

  1. Playing on practically empty grounds would take something out of the game, but it seems like a necessary step to start resuming football.
  2. If I can, I watch the games live at home.
  3. I don’t think I would be tempted, because it wouldn’t be the same as being inside, but I can see why some fans would create a different atmosphere.
  4. I think the 2019/20 season should be over before the next one starts, when it could be. So, if that’s for sure, I think Project Restart is a good idea for creating a buzz in the football community, especially for Leicester fans.
  5. There is an argument for both sides. Some of the clubs that fight relegation rely on their home support and it can make a huge difference to win or lose. Also, teams may have played more home games than the rest before the season ended, so it will be a difficult decision.


Jordan Chamberlain, 30, fan for 25 years

Liverpool fan Jordan Chamberlain said fans have to accept that football won’t be the same for a while

  1. I consider it a necessary evil. Behind closed doors, there’s shit, especially with Liverpool so close to winning a title, but it’s less shit than the teams that go bankrupt.
  2. I watch every game. Either at the pub or at home.
  3. Absolutely not. And I think the suggestion that football fans are too stupid to obey the rules, because of an animal need to be outside a football field, is offensive.
  4. If we want football to come back, as fans, we will have to accept that it will not be the same for a while – unless we prefer that the teams stop playing in 2020 and stop their activities.
  5. No relegation is the worst cry there is.


Adam Richards, 55, fan for 50 years

Manchester City fan Adam Richards said it was fair for football to restart

  1. It would be disappointing, if not entirely disastrous, to go so far.
  2. At home and on MotD.
  3. Absolutely not. I would not travel to Etihad to stay outside.
  4. It’s just trying to start it. Other companies are going to open up, so why not football?
  5. No. If you are playing games, you are playing for a purpose – high and low.


Robert Bailey, 59, fan for 55 years

Manchester United fan Robert Bailey wondered what would happen if a player tested positive for coronavirus

  1. Matches behind closed doors will be pointless.
  2. Home.
  3. Don’t be ridiculous!
  4. It should end now. If a team shows a positive test for Covid, how are they going to end it?
  5. Assuming it takes place on a neutral basis, I think there should be no relegation.


Norman Grieves, 61, fan for 50 years

Newcastle United supporter Norman Grieves said there should be no football until fans can safely attend

  1. I think it’s a stupid idea. I prefer not to have football at all, and wait for such a moment when we are in the clear, and return to normal with the fans who go to the matches.
  2. Either at the local rugby club or in Newcastle city center.
  3. Definitely not. It’s a stupid idea and I wouldn’t be willing to break the lock rules.
  4. I came to the opinion that the season should be declared null and void. Then we can all laugh at Liverpool and miss it again!
  5. No, very bad. What’s the point of restarting with so little play? Too many devices would not be suitable for the intended use.


James Smith, 41, fan for 35 years

  1. We have to do everything necessary to keep people safe and it is better that a little football can be played than not at all.
  2. At home, on TV, or occasionally online. If I can’t watch, I listen to the radio coverage via the club’s website.
  3. No – maybe when I was younger, but not now and not in this climate.
  4. They have to show that they are doing what they can and that they need money for television. But football and the Premier League do not cover themselves with glory, pushing to restart so many people die.
  5. It is not fair to relegate teams unless the 38 games are ended according to the rules under which the season started. If the last six are forced by the other 14 to play on neutral ground, I don’t think it’s fair.


Darren Fletcher, 52, fan for 45 years

Sheffield United have had an incredible season and fans hope it’s not for nothing

  1. We need to find a midpoint that maintains public health and allows us to conclude the season. If it’s behind closed doors, it’s not ideal, but it may be necessary.
  2. On Sky Sports.
  3. If you’re going to cause social distancing problems by going to land, then I wouldn’t do it.
  4. We are on the cusp of something quite important, and it would be unfair for everyone related to Sheffield United to be deprived of it. If they can’t finish the season safely, then the fairest way would be to decide everything on a point coefficient.
  5. There is no point in playing games if there is no relegation. It would seem wrong. The teams there would not try. If there is no relegation, there is no point in restarting.


Josh Murray, 29, fan for 18 years

Southampton supporter Josh Murray argues that if European qualification is still at stake, relegation should also be

  1. Without the buzz, the games will not be the same, but I’m sure broadcasters could do something about it. At least it will be something to watch on TV.
  2. If I can’t go, I watch Southampton live on TV every time.
  3. Why would you do it? There really isn’t much point – you put yourself in danger for very little.
  4. Ideally, restarting the project would go ahead, but it should be done the right way and there is no rush.
  5. It’s so tight at the bottom, it seems difficult to relegate the teams if you haven’t had a correct season. But if you want to award the title and the places in the Champions League, you must also have a relegation.


Kat Law, 48, fan for 39 years

Tottenham hopes to qualify for Europe next season

  1. If it is not safe to host games without fans, it is not sure to host it in front of 300 employees. Without fans, football is nothing.
  2. On rare occasions, I miss a home or away game, a live broadcast on my phone.
  3. I can see why, if there was something about the game, you might be tempted. But I will not drive hundreds of kilometers so as not to watch a game.
  4. We know they have to do it because of the need for income all along the pyramid, but I don’t think it will be the “football festival” that Boris says the country needs.
  5. I would be livid if my club were relegated in these circumstances. The remaining encounters would not be like proper games and there is still a lot to decide.


Paul Levene, 57, fan for 48 years

Watford fan Paul Levene says football should only be replayed when it can be done safely

  1. It’s not ideal. If it has to be done that way, I understand – but there are far more important things than football right now.
  2. I go to most games, both at home and away. Otherwise, I would normally watch television at home.
  3. Absolutely not – I would respect the reason for playing in neutral territory and watch it on TV instead.
  4. Forget the deadlines – the only thing that matters is that we only play soccer again when it is safe.
  5. You could say that changing the rules three-quarters of the way during a season dilutes the integrity of the competition. Under normal circumstances, you expect three clubs to go down and three to go up – but these are not normal circumstances.


Stuart Morgan, 41, fan for 41 years

  1. I think it’s a waste of time. It just devalues ​​the competition and there is more to fear than playing football.
  2. My home on MotD.
  3. NO!
  4. This should definitely end now.
  5. What would be the point of playing them? It would be a waste of time. Why bother?

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Adam Charcinski, 55, fan for 50 years

  1. It’s sad, but there is no other way, given the lack of a vaccine.
  2. I go to the pub or watch MotD.
  3. No.
  4. I think the season should end now. I think it’s too risky for the players and the staff.
  5. Definitely not. He makes fun of the system. If you’re going to play, you have to do it right.

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