The bears avoided making their mistake worse by denying the Mitch Trubisky option


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The Bears made a mistake in trading and taking quarterback Mitch Trubisky in the 2017 draft. The Bears admitted the mistake and avoided making it worse by refusing to exercise Trubisky’s fifth year option .

Because it was one of the top 10 picks, Trubisky’s fifth year option for 2021 would have been the quarter’s transitional tender for 2020. That’s $ 24.837 million, for one more season. .

Although guaranteed only for injuries throughout 2020, the fact that the option salary became fully guaranteed on the first day of the 2021 league year means that, if Trubisky would have suffered an injury in 2020 that would Preventing a physical exam before mid- In March 2021, the Bears would have lived up to the full amount – and in turn stuck with Trubisky.

So it made a lot more sense to let the option go, keep Trubisky (his 2020 salary is already guaranteed) and see what happens. If he wins the starting position and plays well (or if he loses the competition, Nick Foles is injured, then Trubisky enters and plays well), that will be the good proverbial problem to have. With the salary cap for 2021 likely to drop next year, the tender for the quarterback franchise would drop below the $ 26.8 million that applied this year.

So they made a mistake in 2017. They know it. But instead of potentially making it worse, they admitted it. And if Trubisky in a contract year returns to his game level in 2018 and pushes him even higher, the Bears would be happy to sign him for a new deal or apply the franchise tag.


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