The 9 Premiership teams push to the end of the season NOW because 5 clubs do not have enough players to complete the campaign


Top Scottish clubs will return to the virtual table on Monday to discuss the end of the season with immediate effect.

It was after five clubs revealed that they did not have enough contract players to complete the campaign.

Sport Record understands that up to nine of the big 12 are increasingly resigned to the prospect of lowering the shutters of the current campaign and allowing around £ 7.5 million in prizes to be distributed among them by the Scottish League professional football.

The clubs held an emergency coronavirus summit via conference call on Friday as a number of pressing issues were discussed, including the controversial proposal to close the season, crown the Celtic champions and relegate Hearts.

It is understood that during this meeting, no less than five Premiership clubs revealed that they would not have enough senior players under contract to align a team in the unlikely event that the remaining matches could be played at during the summer.

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Scottish football crisis

Latest advice from government and health officials suggests the game may not be operational until October at the earliest – while crisis talks between the SFA, FBCL and the Minister of Sport and Welfare Public Health Joe FitzPatrick is also scheduled to take place tomorrow. as football prepares for an extended lockout.

And this has led to more and more calls for premature closure.

A source told us, “It is becoming more and more evident that this season simply cannot be finished and that is what Premiership clubs will discuss as a priority on Tuesday.

“Some of them have already made it clear that they will not have enough players to play, as many would already be out of contract. And others are beginning to realize that there is an urgent need to unlock the prize so that clubs can survive as long as possible.

“Based on the discussions that have taken place, it is likely that up to nine Premiership clubs will agree that it is time to
end of the season.

“Increasingly, we understand how serious this is for the game as a whole and we want to discuss how the game in Scotland can survive without any match revenue and what needs to be done to make it can safely restart.

“These are the real problems that clubs have to face.

“But we cannot start planning next season until it is officially put to bed and discussions on reconstruction have been
one way or another.

“After that, Scottish football can focus on what really matters, as the situation becomes more and more serious. “

FBCL’s board of directors, Stewart Robertson of the Rangers, Alan Burrows of Motherwell and Les Gray, vice-president of Hamilton Accies, are all expected to participate in the discussions tomorrow.

They have been allowed to report to the general manager of the league, Neil Doncaster, who has already obtained a controversial warrant to end the season.

SPFL may be tempted to make this call if it is clear that it meets the requirements of the vast majority of high-flying clubs.

However, the decision was further complicated by Rangers’ requests for an EGM to be held next week when the country’s 42 clubs vote on a trial request from Doncaster and legal counsel Rod MacKenzie through an independent investigation by the QC.

Our source said, “Even if nine or ten clubs say they want the season to end immediately, it is unlikely that the FBCL board will want it before the nature of the Rangers’ concerns is clarified. and put to the vote at the EGM. “


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