The 2 words that prevented NFL QB’s Philip Rivers from signing with Auburn


How did Alabama-born Philip Rivers end up leaving the state to play college football in North Carolina?

The current Indianapolis Colts QB and now future coach of St. Michael’s Catholic high school in Fairhope, Alberta, told the story again on Friday afternoon.

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Rivers signed with the state of North Carolina high school in Athens in 1999.

Why not the University of Alabama?

“In Alabama, if I remember correctly, Brodie Croyle was a great high school quarterback and he was a year or two behind me,” said Rivers. “I think Alabama has already nailed it. My year, they didn’t sign a watch that year. “

Rivers is right. Croyle was a senior in 2000, graduated from a junior junior year, and was ranked No. 2 quarterback in the country.

And Auburn? There was interest from both sides, he said.

“Auburn recruited me hard, but Jason Campbell was in that same class,” he said. “They had an unbeaten season when he was there, and he had a good career in the NFL. I wasn’t so scared of the competition that they told me the words “tight”. It made me a little nervous.

“If I had been tight at Auburn, it would have been my 17th year as a coach instead of playing in the NFL. I wanted to play the quarterback, and N.C. State was the first school to recruit me. There’s something about this school that wants you and wants you to be her boyfriend. “

In four years at New York State, Rivers completed 63.6% of his passes for 13,484 yards and 95 touchdowns. He also rushed for 17 touchdowns. He was fourth overall in the 2004 NFL draft, and then played 16 seasons for the San Diego Chargers.

He signed a one-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts for this season. He was introduced on Friday as a standby coach at St. Michael Catholic. He will assume the position when his professional career is over, whenever possible.


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