The 100 Premiere: Where’s Bellamy Blake?


The 100 is back, but someone is clearly missing.

In the opening moments of tonight’s season seven premiere, which picked up where the season six finale ended, Bellamy (Bob morley) was dragged by an invisible force, probably linked to the fact that Octavia had just been stabbed and then disappeared from his arms. At the end of the premiere, Bellamy has yet to be found, sending Echo, Gabriel and Hope, newly cultivated in the anomaly, to his desperate search.

We of course asked the showrunner Jason Rothenberg about his disappearance, and he explained that it was for personal reasons on the part of Bob Morley.

“I don’t want to say too much where this story is going,” he said. “What I’m going to say is that Bob chose to take some time off this season, and I know he was grateful that the studio was able to develop a screenplay that allowed him to do so. Fortunately, we have had time to create a story with all the twists our fans are expecting, and most of all, I think the great emotion our fans have been waiting for for seven seasons. But the origin of this story really started with her decision. “

But don’t worry, he will come back.

“When he comes back … surely everyone is looking for him, everyone is desperate to find him, and this trip will take place over a number of episodes, but how many I will not tell you guys. “

If Bellamy is in the anomaly, which is now also that of Gabriel, Echo and Hope, it is possible that he may be missing for years, but only a few hours as far as Clarke (and others) is concerned. But Clarke will certainly realize that Bellamy and the others have disappeared before as well a lot of time has passed.

“At the premiere, we know that Echo, Gabriel and Hope are continuing to try to arrest the people who have it, and back in Sanctum, they don’t know it is happening yet, but there will be a time where all the stories connect, not very long in the season, by the way. And that’s where the real mission in the great unknown begins, “says Rothenberg.

Before this mission begins, Clarke has a problem to solve at Sanctum. After briefly trying something “harmless”, she broke and attacked Russell, setting the palace on fire at the same time. It’s not great!

“She’s a little above her skis, as they say. She was reacting impulsively and emotionally at that time, and that will have huge ramifications for the future, “said Rothenberg.

Clarke and his friends will have metaphorical outbursts to deal with, and “It won’t go so well. “

So what comes next? Episode two is a very different type of episode that follows Echo, Gabriel and Hope in their search for Bellamy, but also tells other important stories. Here’s what Rothenberg had to say about it:

“Episode two is a nice story, slower. We’ve already talked about playing with time, and that’s the story of what happened during the time Octavia was gone during episode 608 during those two seconds she was in the anomaly. We trace these 10 years, really. And we tell the story of what happens to our new heroes, Echo, Hope and Gabriel when they go through the anomaly and land there, and we do this kind of double-timeline story which I think is definitely something new for us. It’s just a different type of episode. It’s slower, and I think it’s pretty wonderful. And episode four, by the way, picks up on that story and completes it. “

It will be broadcast next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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