Texas: 5 police and 7 detention center workers under quarantine after arrest of coronavirus suspect


“As a precaution, the five police officers and the seven members of staff of the CDC (City Detention Center) who came into contact with the person will be tested and quarantined pending the results of their tests,” according to a press release from the city. .

Police responded to a call to a grocery store on Wednesday, and a fight started when police attempted to arrest, the statement said. The officers were “unable to maintain proper personal protective equipment during the arrest,” the statement said.

A police spokesperson was unable to confirm why the suspect was arrested or what prompted a call to the police.

The suspect was released after being taken to the city detention center. The county public health district then informed the department that the suspect had tested positive on Monday.

So far, no Corpus Christi police or firefighter has tested positive for Covid-19, police spokesman Lt. Michael Pena said.

Two Corpus Christi paramedics are isolated pending test results after Tuesday transporting a man who tested positive for the virus from a retirement home to a hospital, another statement said.

Paramedics lifted their glasses to start an IV in the ambulance and were exposed to an active cough by the patient when he removed his mask, the statement said.


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