Tesla updates delivery schedule for Y and 3 models after restart of production


Tesla has updated the delivery times for the Y and 3 models after restarting production at the Fremont plant.

Just after starting production on its new electric SUV, Tesla had to shut down its factory due to the pandemic.

Just over a month and a half later, Tesla is slowly restarting production at the Fremont plant – but in some controversy.

It will take Tesla some time to bring production back to capacity before the shutdown and they also need their supply chain to be able to support the production of their vehicles.

However, we learned that the plant already produces a few hundred vehicles a day.

With new production finally starting to leave the factory, Tesla has started updating its delivery schedule for the Y and 3 models.

The automaker is now announcing a delivery time of 5 to 7 weeks for new Model 3 orders in the United States:

Prior to the plant shutdown, Tesla planned 4 to 8 weeks for new Model 3 shipments to the United States.

As for the Y model, new buyers of the electric SUV will have to wait a little longer before purchasing the vehicle.

Tesla has updated the Model Y delivery schedule with a new deadline of 8 to 12 weeks:

Taking Electrek

It is important to note that Tesla’s delivery times change periodically depending on whether the automaker produces a batch for a specific market.

But in this case, I think Tesla will have to try to deliver its vehicles wherever it can as quickly as possible.

The automaker has already lost almost two out of three months during the quarter.

These new order delays would indicate that Tesla already has orders in place for the vehicles it can produce by the end of the quarter, as new order delivery times push deliveries until June.

However, I expect Tesla to also produce vehicles in stock and send them to markets where it expects to deliver by the end of the quarter.

It will certainly be an interesting end of quarter for Tesla.

With the economic impact of the pandemic and restrictions still in place in many markets, it will be difficult for Tesla to deliver more than 40,000 cars this quarter, in my opinion.

It all depends on the number of cars Tesla has been able to produce and deliver in China, but in the United States and Europe, the volume will be really low.

What do you think? How many cars do you think Tesla can deliver in Q2 2020? Let us know in the comment section below.

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