Tesla Prepares To Restart Car Manufacturing In Fremont, Possible In-Place Shelter Violation


Electric car maker Tesla is preparing to restart part of car production in Fremont, potentially in violation of local and state shelter orders on the spot, The Chronicle learned.

Some workers returned to the Fremont factory on Wednesday to prepare for the planned reopening of certain production lines by next week, according to a person familiar with factory operations who asked not to be named by fear of reprisals. The individual obtained anonymity in accordance with The Chronicle’s anonymous sources policy.

The person said that only a handful of employees have returned to the plant at the moment to prepare and that additional security measures have been put in place at the plant to protect against transmission of coronaviruses.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokeswoman for the Fremont Police Department, which is responsible for the area that includes the factory, said it was not planned to visit the site after being informed by The Chronicle of reports of partial return to work.


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