Tesla Cybertruck puts heavy pressure in the Boring Company tunnel


Tesla’s Cybertruck ran through The Boring Company’s Hawthorne test tunnel as it was led by veteran talk show host Jay Leno and Elon Musk in the passenger seat. The episode of Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC revealed that the Cybertruck was perfectly capable of navigating the rather narrow tunnel of the startup. It was a tight fit, but the all-electric pickup was able to go through the entire length of the test tunnel without any problems.

The climax of the episode has been teased in the past. After the trailer for the sixth season of Jay Leno’s Garage was released in late April, the short TV spot gave a glimpse of the massive Cybertruck falling into the Hawthorne test tunnel.

The event was spotted again by Leno earlier this month, when the host was featured in the Spike Feresten podcast to talk about his Cybertruck experience. After describing the route, Leno said that Musk had offered him a trip through the Hawthorne tunnel. Vaguely describing the trip so as not to reveal too much, the former late-night host explained a very tight fit that allowed about a quarter inch of space on each side of the Cybertruck.

The episode of Leno’s show revealed that the fit was extremely tight and tight, and Leno was undoubtedly wary of his surroundings when navigating the all-electric pickup truck through the tunnel. Musk, on the other hand, seemed relatively relaxed.

“It will be very interesting to see if we can really adapt it there,” said Musk.

After navigating the truck through the tunnel, Musk gave Leno the finer points of the Hawthorne tunnel and its design, explaining that it was a test tunnel for future Boring projects Company. But Leno’s description of the ride seems to be slightly different from a carefully traveled walk that was filmed and inserted into the final cut for the episode.

Leno told Feresten in his podcast interview, “We drive the Cybertruck, we barely get it into the tunnel, and now we’re traveling about 50 or 60 miles per hour through the tunnel with a quarter inch of each side. “

After exiting the tunnel, Leno congratulated Musk, offering him the chance that the next twelve years would be like the last twelve. Since 2008, Tesla has built itself from a small start-up with a slight chance of success to one of the most valuable automotive companies in the world.

Leno’s absurd collection of cars would make any car enthusiast jealous. However, it seems that Tesla cars have always given the seasoned host a different tone, even praising the company’s electric vehicles in the past. This time around, the Cybertruck certainly seemed to win Jay over. Its design and performance is unlike any pickup on the market today, which Leno identified during his short stroll through Los Angeles in the Cybertruck.


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