Tenet’s new trailer will air on Fortnite for some reason



Christophe Nolan, a filmmaker known for high-level science fiction for adults, presents the latest trailer for his next thriller Principle sure Fortnite, a cartoon shooting game played mainly by children. No, I don’t understand this decision either.

The official Fortnite The Twitter account proudly revealed this information, indicating that the trailer will be played hourly, hourly, in-game starting at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Principle won’t be the first movie to use Fortnite as a marketing tool. The rise of Skywalker famous dropped a major plot point in the game instead of including it in the film, because apparently that’s how we make movies now. Avengers: Infinity War participated in a linked event in which you can find the Infinity gauntlet and briefly become Thanos, which really makes sense for a video game.


Image via Warner Bros.

In case you luckily managed to avoid it, Fortnite is a very popular online shooter in which players can spend their parents’ money on wacky outfits to parachute into a huge island with 99 other players and try to be the last one standing. The majority of the game’s player base would be made up of players aged 18 to 24, but it is mostly played by much younger children. The winner of 2019 Fortnite The World Cup was 16 years old, the youngest participant was 13 years old and the crowd was almost entirely made up of primary school children and their parents. What I mean is that a lot of Fortnite the players weren’t alive when The black Knight was released, the Nolan film with the greatest appeal to children. Some of them weren’t even born when Inception hit theaters, and I doubt that big chunk of it FortniteThe player base of Interstellar or Dunkirk. Sure, Fortnite has a monthly player base of around 80 million, but it’s really hard to imagine a fifth grade student stopping in between to take out the latest dance emote while wearing a dinosaur costume to think, “Hey , this super wave adult thriller looks interesting. “He drops a trailer to Looper in the middle of Skylanders.

Tenet’s trailer hits Fortnite at 8 p.m. EST, and will be replayed hourly. For adults who want to watch it, it will also be streamed on YouTube around the same time. To know more Principle, find out everything we know about the mysterious blockbuster.


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