Teesside supermarket closes after staff epidemic of coronavirus


A Teesside Lidl closed its doors to customers after an epidemic of coronavirus.

Cargo Fleet Lane supermarket in Middlesbrough closed on Friday.

German retailers have now confirmed that staff members are positive for the virus, but it is not known how much.

However, the store remains closed this weekend due to low staffing levels, Lidl confirmed.

A spokesperson said, “All supermarkets are operating in exceptional circumstances today, and the safety of our colleagues and customers is essential to us.

“We have been in contact with our team members who have been positive for Covid-19, to offer our support and wish them a speedy recovery.

“We fully understand that this is a worrying and difficult time, not only for our own workforce, but for the whole country.

“We have followed government advice closely throughout this period and have put in place strict measures across all areas of our business to protect co-workers and customers.”

The Lidl on Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough

Buyers who contacted Teesside Live said they were told that the well-used supermarket in its place at the corner of Trunk Road and Cargo Fleet Lane near Brambles Farm would reopen on Monday.

But all Lidl could confirm was that he would reopen as soon as he could.

“Our teams all play a crucial role in continuing to feed communities across the country,” continued the spokesperson.

“It is therefore vitally important that we reopen the store as soon as possible, to ensure that households have access to the essential food and products they need. “

The Middlesbrough Council confirmed on Thursday that the postal code TS3 – which houses the Lidl store – has a high death rate for coronavirus deaths.

NHS data has shown that there may be an increased risk of infection and disease in the postal code area.

While it will take some time before all factors are understood, current figures show a high death rate for patients at the James Cook University Hospital in the area.

The postal code covers several regions, including Berwick Hills, North Ormesby, Pallister Park, Brambles Farm, Thorntree and Park End.

Those living in the area have received a pamphlet reminding them of the importance of following coronavirus locking guidelines.


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