Teenager hospitalized for stomach upset dies from coronavirus a few days later


A teenager died of a rare coronavirus-related inflammatory disease similar to Kawasaki disease.

Dar’yana Dyson, 15, was taken to John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland on May 11, suffering from fever, stomach upset and loss of appetite.

Despite an initially negative test for Covid-19, the tragic teenager was later tested positive for antibodies and put on a ventilator before dying on Saturday.

It comes as authorities warned doctors to be alert for cases of the life-threatening inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 in children, which is said to be similar to Kawasaki.

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Dar’yana suffered from fever, stomach ache and loss of appetite

Dar’yana’s mother, Kandace Knight, told WBAL-TV: “It happened so quickly. I never thought that taking my daughter to the hospital for a stomach pain that I would not get out of there with her. “

Knight said her daughter quickly developed a rash while in the hospital “running through her whole body … and just disappeared.”

“She was so beautiful, she was too good for this world,” added Dar’yana’s mom.

Mom Kandace said her daughter developed a rash that spread all over her body and then disappeared

Baltimore County officials yesterday confirmed that the teenager’s death was linked to the new strain of coronavirus and that she suffered from multisystem inflammatory disease syndrome in children (MIS-C), reports WMZ.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently linked MIS-C to Covid-19, with cases from Washington, New York and other states.

In a statement, Baltimore County Director Johnny Olszewski said, “This is a stark reminder that this virus spares no one, and that we must all remain vigilant in our efforts to stay at home, socially at distance, and limit the spread of this deadly disease. ”

“The COVID-19 pandemic is real, it is here and it is deadly,” said Dr. Gregory W. Branch, Baltimore County health official.

“Our most vulnerable children and residents need us all to do our part to protect them from this relentless adversary.”

Meanwhile, a British mother spoke of her anxiety after her five-month-old daughter developed a rare inflammatory disease linked to the virus.

Leia Godwin has been forced to spend the past three weeks in hospital after doctors diagnosed her with a disease similar to Kawasaki disease.

Health professionals warned in April that this could be a possible reaction of children to the coronavirus, with young people under the age of five being particularly vulnerable.

The disease can be caused by a coronavirus but experts are not sure because the reaction seems to be very rare.

Children have presented to hospitals in the UK with symptoms of a hyper-inflammatory condition and investigations are underway to find out more about the rare disease.


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