TalkTalk, BT and Post Office Internet crash, preventing thousands of customers from working from home


Thousands of TalkTalk, BT and Post Office customers have been unable to work from their home today after experiencing problems on the Internet.

Downdetector showed 31,000 users were having problems with their TalkTalk broadband this morning

DownDetector also showed a map highlighting the issues faced by customers5
DownDetector also showed a map highlighting the issues faced by customers

At the same time, 1,900 customers complained about BT and 1,600 people reported problems with the Internet at post offices.

This happens while thousands of people continue to work from home during the coronavirus lockout.

The outage lasted about an hour, but now appears to be corrected.

Speaking to Twitter to complain, a TalkTalk customer said, “Slow speed, no access and no way to report faults, etc.” “

DownDetector Showed Next Peak of Reported TalkTalk Problems5
DownDetector Showed Next Peak of Reported TalkTalk Problems

A BT customer tweeted, “My Internet connection is intermittently cut. It’s not wifi because I tried wired. “

A Post Office customer said, “Hello Post Office, another customer with his internet here.

“I tried to phone, but the message says that the call volume is high and is going down. Help me! “

DownDetector appears to show that the problems have spread across the UK, although TalkTalk and Post Office have not confirmed the affected areas.



TalkTalk, BT and Post Office users complain on Twitter


TalkTalk, BT and Post Office users complain on Twitter

A TalkTalk spokesperson told The Sun, “We know that some customers were unable to access certain websites for a short time earlier in the day.

“The problem has now been resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. “

On the BT website, the Internet and telephone service provider confirmed that there was a problem with its broadband service in Kirkcaldy, Northallerton and Clydebank.

Meanwhile, the post office posted a tweet that it was aware of a problem.

The retailer said, “We are very sorry but there seems to be a failure affecting some of our broadband customers. We will update as soon as possible. “

We have asked BT and the Post Office for more information about the cause of the failure and will update this article when we return.

The post office uses TalkTalk broadband, which means that it essentially borrows network space to operate its Internet service.

It is unclear whether the issues affecting TalkTalk and BT were related.

TalkTalk has approximately 4.3 million broadband customers, while BT has approximately nine million broadband customers.

None of the network providers has confirmed the number of customers affected today.

First Direct customers were unable to use their online banking services over the weekend after the bank’s website and application were closed.

Last month, TSB customers were excluded from the bank’s website and app for three hours.

And in March, Lloyds and Halifax apps and Internet banking declined.

Could 5G, which has become operational in Great Britain and already offers ultra-fast Internet speeds for smartphones, be harmful?


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