Taco Charlton signs with chefs


The Miami Dolphins on Thursday gave up defensive end Taco Charlton, leaving their overpass rusher to leave the team. Of course, the “top pass rusher” as defined by the bags only had five bags over the season. Charlton simply never seemed to match the coaches, and the team was ready to move on to the end of the season when they made it inactive rather than being available on match day.

He finished the season with 10 games played and 21 tackles and two fumbles forced to go with the five sacks. Charlton canceled the waivers on Friday, making him a free agent capable of signing with any team. On Saturday, he agreed to the terms with Kansas City chefs.

Charlton travels to Kansas City after being disappointing in Miami. Of course, the reason the Dolphins were able to acquire the first round pick in 2017 for waivers last year is that they teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys.

He is now heading to the Chiefs where he will likely be a better option for Kansas City at best. At this point, that may be exactly what he needs to find himself and turn his career around.

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