Symptoms of dementia care: early signs include a sudden appreciation of sugary foods


According to Alzheimer’s Research UK, scientists have found a number of defective genes that can cause inherited forms of FTD, including tau, progranulin, and C9ORF72.

To determine whether lifestyle factors could influence the development of frontotemporal dementia, Kaitlin Casaletto, PhD, assistant professor of neurology at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center and colleagues studied how lifestyle differences affected progression of FTD in 105 people with dominant and pathogenic genetic mutations who were mostly asymptomatic or had only mild early-stage symptoms.

The research participants came from two large multi-site studies, called ARTFL and LEFFTDS (recently combined into a study known as ALLFTD), led by co-authors Adam Boxer, MD, PhD, and Howie Rosen, MD, also of the UCSF Memory and Center for Aging.

In these larger studies, all participants underwent an initial MRI to measure the extent of brain degeneration caused by the disease, performed reflection and memory tests, and reported on their current activity levels. cognitive and physical in their da


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