Supermarkets and purchase of masks in France


Some stores have reserved masks for customers with store loyalty cards while others sell them at the front desk or openly at the checkout.

Here is an overview of the current situation as reported by the big chains. Does it work that way in your local store? You can let us know at [email protected]

Note that masks are of two main types: disposable, disposable and fabric that can be washed and reused several times (the packaging must specify the number of times recommended before becoming less effective). The latter are more expensive and the price generally increases according to the number of times they can be reused.


Masks are available at checkout. They are sold in batches of five and ten.

Carrefour group CEO Alexandre Bompard said he wanted “simple distribution” because 10 million masks are available as of this week and 175 million are expected to be available as of May 11. Disposable masks cost 58 cents per unit and cloth masks cost € 1 to € 1. 3.


Intermarché has given its customers a loyalty card an advantage by offering them, since last week, the possibility of reserving masks online before removing them from the store reception.

However, as of this week, anyone can also reserve a box of 50 disposable masks online and collect it at the store reception between the dates and times set which will be indicated in an email. The box is sold for € 29.54. Only one box can be reserved by customers.

You can book your box directly on this link:

Over the next few weeks, the supermarket will also be selling washable cloth masks.


Netto is part of the same Les Mousquetaires group as Intermarché, the store applies the same rules. A large number of 50 masks can be reserved online and the customer will have to go to the store reception to remove them. Only one lot can be reserved.


At Monoprix, the masks are sold in batches of 50 for € 29.90 or in batches of 10 for € 6.90. The fabric masks are sold in sets of two for € 4.40. The masks are available at the checkout, at the store reception or in the pharmacy section of the store.


Leclerc sells masks individually or in sets of ten at the store reception. Each mask costs between 50 and 60 cents.


Lidl sells single-use masks in lots of 50 in all its supermarkets, except in Paris where they are sold in lots of ten. Customers are limited to a pack of 50 masks per person, or two packs of ten in Paris.

A box of 50 masks costs € 30 and a box of ten masks costs € 10.

However, in just one day, Lidl sold its stock of 5 million masks. More masks will be available soon because Lidl plans 100 million masks in the coming weeks, as well as fabric masks, visors and hydroalcoholic gels.


In Casino supermarkets, the box of 50 is sold at checkout for € 29.54. It is limited to one box per person per week.


At Franprix, the masks are sold at the box office, in batches of 10, 20, 25 and 50. The box of 50 masks costs € 29.90; € 15.90 per box of 25; € 12.90 per box of 20; and € 6.90 for a box of 10 masks. The fabric masks will be on sale from May 11 for € 2.20.


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