Sun In Cancer Summer Solstice Love Tarot Card Reading, For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology, June 20-July 22, 2020


Enjoy your summer of love!

Your summer solstice tarot card reading is there for all the signs of the zodiac with the Sun in Cancer.

The Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer during the summer solstice at 5:36 pm. EAST. The Moon will start this solar season in the Gemini zodiac sign.

How will the Sun in Cancer affect the love life of your zodiac sign during the summer solstice, according to astrology and tarot?

The Sun in Cancer relates to what motivates you in life, especially what you think of your home.

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When the Sun is in Cancer, you will feel the desire to connect with others on an emotional level.

You are committed to supporting, protecting and caring for others.


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