Summer 2020 in France will be warmer than normal


Although the published map does not predict exact temperatures, it does show that there is a 50% probability of “probable heat” throughout France, with the hottest temperatures probably in the southwest and Corsica.

The north-west of the country (Pays de la Loire, Brittany, Normandy, Picardy and Nord Pas de Calais) is likely to experience “normal” temperatures in June, July and August – according to the map.

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Summer heat waves

Although it is too early to say if France will experience heat waves this summer, it seems likely.

The summer of 2019 experienced heat waves throughout France, temperatures increasing to reach a record 46 ° Celsius in Roussillon (Vaucluse).

Before that, in 2018, a two-week heat wave in July and August was ranked as the second warmest in the history of France. This ranking is now attributed to the heat wave of 2003 in France, where temperatures reached more than 40 ° C in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Limoges and Montauban.

Spring and winter temperatures are also higher than normal

This spring has already experienced high temperatures and sunny weather throughout France caused this week by a high pressure on the British Isles. The good weather should continue over the holiday weekend, this weekend the forecast has predicted.

This spring was the second warmest in French history, with temperatures on average 1.8 ° C above normal.

Forecaster François Jobard said: “We are following the mildest winter with the second hottest spring in history. This is remarkable … It is obviously one of the symptoms of global warming. “

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