Students in France to return to school; parents disagree, World News


While cases of coronavirus in France are decreasing, the country has allowed its citizens to resume a normal life. This includes sending students back to schools.

Schools are expected to welcome students into classes from Monday. However, parents fear that the decision may not be good for their children.

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The number of coronavirus cases has dropped considerably. Subsequently, the French government lifted certain restrictions on the strict lockdown, which had lasted for more than eight weeks.

In order to revive its economy, the government decided to let people go into their offices and leave their homes, while maintaining a social distance.

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Schools have been allowed to start lessons. At the moment, only kindergartens and elementary schools are ready to start. However, only 10 students will be allowed to sit in a preschool class and 15 in other classes. Administrators were asked to prioritize education for children aged 5, 6 and 10. Secondary schools have not yet received the green light.

The government said that attendance will not be compulsory for the moment, given the fear of the spread of the coronavirus.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has estimated that 80% to 85% of the 50,500 French kindergartens and elementary schools will open this week. Junior high schools in areas with fewer cases of the virus are expected to reopen on May 18.

Although parents are allowed to send their children to school, provided the school can accommodate them, they are concerned about keeping their children safe. Many parents fear that children are at risk of being infected.

The total number of coronavirus cases increased to 174,791 in France, including 25,987 deaths.


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