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New promising details on the series just announced Star Trek: Strange New Worlds emerge.

Autonomous stories, but with character growth

Both Star Trek: discovery and Star Trek: Picard share a highly serialized format, however, the new series on U.S.S. Enterprise promises a return to classic Trek narrative. In yesterday’s announcement video, New strange worlds Star Anson Mount (Captain Pike) described the new series as a “classic Star Trek show about optimism and the future.” Speaking to Variety’s executive producer Akiva Goldsman provided more details on the approach taken by the show:

We’ll try to go back to some classic Trek values, be optimistic, and be more episodic. Obviously, we will take advantage of the serialized nature of character and story building. But I think our intrigue will be more closed than what you saw in “Discovery” or “Picard”. I imagine it is closer to the original series than even “DS9. We can really tell closed stories. We can end up in episodes that are tonically one-piece. ”

However, with regard to the characters, Goldsman indicated indicated New strange worlds will not hit the reset button every week, saying:

I think what we would like to do is keep the characters moving and recognize the experiences they have had in previous episodes, but to be able to tell episodic stories contained.

As for when the show will start production, Goldsman says Variety he had “no idea” because of the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ethan Peck is ready for the challenge… and pon farr

New strange worlds brings together Anson Mount with Rebecca Romijn (number one) and Ethan Peck (Spock). All three resume the roles they played during the second season of Star Trek: discovery, as well as the second season of Star Trek: Short Treks. Peck also spoke to Variety, revealing that he has been campaigning for this spin-off for the past year. He also explained where the show would find Spock:

It will be a whole new challenge for me as an actor representing Spock because you have had this transformation. I can’t wait to see what we explore.

When asked if New strange worlds might show us that Spock is going through the pon farr, the instinctual Vulcan mating ritual that takes place every seven years, Peck seemed ready to take on this challenge too, saying, “I really have no idea, but I think that it is a strong possibility. “

Ethan Peck as Spock in Star Trek: Short Treks “Q&A”

New strange worlds writers / producers introduce themselves to the world of Star Trek

After CBS finally formalized yesterday morning, many people involved in the series hopped on social media to share the ad, some adding short messages. This included the three new screenwriters / producers announced as part of the creative team. Henry Alonso Myers ((The Magicians, Covert Affairs, Chuck) joined Akiva Goldsman as executive producer of the show and shared a link to the ad, adding “A little news on what I’m going to work on …” with a Vulcan greeting. New screenwriter and executive co-producer Davy Perez ((Supernatural and American crime) simply added: “Look for …” with his ad retweet. Another new executive co-producer Akela Cooper ((Luke cage, american horror story, The 100) has become a little more personal, explaining what a “deep moment” for her to join Star Trek.

New and old designs are coming New strange worlds

Accessory designer Mario Moreira, who works on Star Trek: discoveryresumed the announcement by executive producer and co-creator Alex Kurtzman on Twitter, adding some details on how he was “actively preparing and gathering new and old accessories models” for New strange worlds.

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