” Stop crying! “- Stipe Miocic descends on Daniel Cormier


UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic apparently ignores Daniel Cormier and his constant attempts to get him to sign an advance contract.

DC has long rallied behind the conclusion of their trilogy. And it’s not like Stipe doesn’t want to give DC the fight. However, current circumstances hamper the possibility of a trilogy in the near future.

It’s because Stipe couldn’t really train much. Even though he was victorious against DC the last time they locked the horns, he suffered from a torn retina. Processing for the same thing took a while. And then, when he finally started training in healing, the coronavirus pandemic shook the world.

stipe miocic vs dc

Apparently Ohio, Stipe’s home state, is much more stringent in terms of the regulations and restrictions in place. Speaking of the same thing, Stipe said in an interview with MMA Fighting,

“I don’t really know what people want from me. Everyone is like “he holds the division”. And I wonder, “How am I going to hold the division?” Other guys say, “We can train.” Well, it’s good for you! You live in a different state, you have different regulations! “

Stipe Miocic apparently spoiled Daniel Cormier’s fighting attempts by not paying attention!

Continuing the interview, Miocic said:

“My coach, no kidding, closed his gymnasium. He didn’t take any type, nobody paid anything because it wasn’t fair to everyone. They had a lot of stuff outside the gym and a couple [of] people, like five or six people training together, they were even six feet apart and someone saw it and reported it and it was quoted by the CDC. This is how strict they are. So everyone can be quiet because they are idiots. ”

Stipe Miocic

Focusing on DC, Stipe said he doesn’t really care what DC has to say. As DC continues to call Stipe and advise him to set up a home gym and so on, here is what Stipe has to say.

” I do not care. I really don’t care what her [Cormier’s] opinion is. Never done. Honestly, he says one thing and then contradicts himself all the time. Apparently, I am not a champion. He just calls his own shots. Whatever. Everyone talks. Say quit or defend. Anyway, I can’t make everyone happy or anyone happy. I don’t care at this point. Stop crying. “

What do you think should be the next step for Stipe in the heavyweight division?

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