Star Wars: What Happened To Rex After Clone Wars


Captain Rex’s story does not end with the finale of the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In 12 years of existence, the leader of the 501st has rarely been out of the spotlight. He first appeared in the criticized 2008 Clone wars movie, but has become a fan favorite nonetheless. Rex’s unique armor and attitude were revolutionary for the formerly generic clones. As a result, he had many galaxy-wide adventures during the conflict, but they didn’t stop there. Even after the Clone Wars ended, Rex kept busy during his retirement years.

Unlike many of his brothers, Rex survived until the end of The Clone Wars‘Last season. When Dark Sidious requests that Order 66 begin, Rex hesitates before submitting to his programming. Eliminating his general Jedi and close friend Ahsoka Tano is his new mission, which he finds it hard to do. Fortunately for both of them, she submits it and removes her inhibitory chip, granting her free will again. They escape the Venator-class Star Destroyer full of clones they were on, without the help of a Dark Maul on the run. They then requisition a Y-wing bomber and land on an unnamed moon nearby, preparing for their uncertain future. Rex and Ahsoka simulate their death, now living a separate secret life.

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The latest viewers see Rex in The Clone Wars is his worn face after burying his clone colleagues. Although this is a final end to the Star Wars prequel era, this is not the end of it. The follow-up series, Star wars rebels, gives a lot of information about what he was doing back in the days of the Empire after Order 66. Rex set up a new house on Seelos, meeting Wolffe and Gregor, the former clone commander and captain, respectively. They lived a lonely life aboard their AT-TE, driving the local people out of joopa for food. A little later, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus and the rest of the Ghost the crew found the clones and recruited them into the rebellion.

Rex Star Wars Rebels Concept Art

After Wolffe alerted the Empire to their visitors, they were again put on the front line. The clones and rebels managed to fight back against an AT-AT walker, leading them to join the cause. This decision brought Rex back to Ahsoka, who operated with the group under the code name Fulcrum. He then accompanied the Ghost crew on a handful of missions, while also joining the Phoenix cell and the Massassi group. One of Rex’s most prestigious missions with them came during the Battle of Endor, as a member of the Han Solo strike team. They managed to deactivate the shield generator of the second death star, which resulted in its destruction.

Rex is very proud of his legacy of clones and his battles in the Grand Army of the Republic. It was his golden years, and his tenure during the Clone Wars was better than most. However, the importance of his time as a key member of the Rebel Alliance cannot be underestimated. He was not brought up for someone else’s war and retained by his brain implant this time. He chose to play a major role in the overthrow of a tyrannical empire, all of his own free will. The Clone Wars presents Rex’s heyday, but his life after the show ends is just as worth talking about.

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